Monday, June 26, 2006


"Enlightenment" and Deception

When the Russian Revolution occurred in 1917 the people that were trying to make things better had, I think, no idea of what they were setting in motion. They were trying to make their world a better place after all. What could be wrong with that, right?

Their quest for equality resulted in literally millions of people being killed or jailed. Most of those that survived basically were slaves to "the Union". My opinion is that they set up a country just as bad as Nazi Germany.

And yet where in today's media do you hear about the toll. The fact that one never hears about the atrocities of the communists make me think that the mainstream media just doesn't see it as a big deal. Their silence to me is deafening. On the other hand the United States and capitalism are blamed for most of the worlds problems, day in and day out.

Today, the perception we are given by the left is that if only Cuba was not being boycotted by America, what a wonderful place it would be. Why do they need us? Can't they sustain themselves in their tropical utopia? They have tourists flying in from all over the world spending money. And yet its people will risk their lives and jail to try to leave. But at least they have "free" healthcare, right! Any country that makes it illegal to leave ain't worth a crap to me.

I leave you with two thoughts:

1) Please do always question authority and motives. People will say whatever they think you want to hear in order to gain and maintain power. And sometimes they'll kill for it.

2) In communism, everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

There's so much to discuss on the subject of communism. In future posts I'll write about China, Vietnam, Socialism, etc.

Please do your own research and report back in the comments section.

Cuba's health care system seems to be its only claim to fame. Never mind that if you show any disagreement with the government, you will be jailed or executed. Never mind the fact that you cannot leave the country if you want to. So if you are a slave of the state, at least you have free health care. If you live in poverty, it's no problem, you have free health care.

Communism claims to be a political/economic system that aims for a classless society. That is what it claims to be. What it is is another matter. Communism is a dictatorship that imposes its will on the people. Citizens are controlled by intimidation. Those who openly disagree with the government are jailed or executed. Religion is not tolerated. Citizens are basically the slaves of the state. That is the reality of what passes for communism today. So if it's free health care you want, you only have to give up everything else.
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